There are no finer barbecue condiments than the World-Famous Rendezvous seasoning and sauce. The seasoning gives that truly unique flavor. And for those of you who like wet ribs, nothing does the job like Rendezvous barbecue sauce. 

The seasoning is great on chicken, fish and sausage -- just baste with either lemon or diluted white vinegar and sprinkle some seasoning over it. Try it on deviled eggs, baked potatoes, greens, hamburger patties and cheese too. You'll be amazed at the great taste. It's a true all-purpose seasoning, up there with Tabasco or Worcestershire sauce. 

As for the sauce, we always use it on our pork shoulder, and some people like to add a little on our ribs to make them wetter. It's great on chicken and burgers too!

No artificial smoke flavors to this sauce. That's what your grill is for. Enjoy!

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