Memphis in May World Championship BBQ Cooking Contest

By Love, For Love on Valentine's

Memphis Flavor will be offering some sweet boxes and baskets for Valentine's Day. We will be shipping them out and also offering local dropoff in the city of Memphis. Our Memphis Flavor Valentine's large basket features local vendors who put Love in every product:

1 - 4oz box of Shotwell salted caramel 

1 - 2.4oz bag of Rendezvous popcorn

1 - bag of Makeda's cookies

1 - Huey's burger seasoning

1 - bag of Dinstuhl's cashew crunch

1 - Dinstuhl's chocolate bar

1 - bottle of Memphis Hot hot sauce

1 - Tops BBQ rub

1 - Central BBQ mild sauce












 Bring some Memphis Love right to your door this Valentine's and show em how much you care!



Tops Bar B Q

We are pleased to be offering all the goodies from another Memphis staple, Tops Bar B Q, because you recognize the quality taste of slow-cooked, real pit Bar-B-Q. Tops Bar-B-Q proudly celebrated our 68th anniversary in 2020.

Now serving their 3rd generation of customers, Tops still cooks pork shoulders the same way they did over 60 years ago, with hardwood charcoal and green hickory wood. The goal has always been to offer a top quality product at Tops. They now has 15 locations to serve you, from Marion, AR, throughout Memphis, TN, and on to Southaven and Olive Branch, MS. You should keep Tops in mind for mouth-watering Bar-B-Q, Ribs, and Brisket Tops products are now available to ship right to your door. The Memphis style and Hot BBQ sauce as well as the Rub are available HERE.

New Year, New Flavors


The last year has been tough for everyone. Memphis Flavor has been doing our best to keep delivering your favorite regional food products right to your door. As our vendors forge ahead through these challenging times, we will continue to expand our offerings and services to you. We appreciate your support! Happy new year from all of us here at Memphis Flavor!

MIM World Championship BBQ Contest

The sights and smells of World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest have been smoking out Memphis since 1978. The history of the competition is as rich as the sauce smeered over each piece of barbecue - and it only gets better every year. Whether you came in 2016 when we were "Smokin' In the Boys Room" or in 2005 when we had "Bountiful Butts," America's most prestigious barbecue cooking competition draws the best of the best vying for the highest title in barbecue. Here are the 2019 winners!

*MIM Cattleman Grand Champion 2019: Cool Smoke*


SHOULDER - See Full Results

  • 1st: - Cool Smoke
  • 2nd: Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q 
  • 3rd: Red Hot Smokers
  • 4th: Shine & Swine
  • 5th: Woods Custom Cookers
  • 6th: Moonlight Smokers
  • 7th: Sweet Cheeks
  • 8th: Sweet Swine O'Mine
  • 9th: People's Republic of Swina
  • 10th: The Grandmasters of Cooking Disasters


WHOLE HOG - See Full Results

  • 1st: Hometown BBQ
  • 2nd: Smokemaster Championship BBQ Team
  • 3rd: Steamboat BBQ
  • 4th: Yazoo's Delta Q
  • 5th: Hanks BBQ
  • 6th: Boars Night Out
  • 7th: Peg Leg Porkers
  • 8th: Ubons
  • 9th: The Shed BBQ
  • 10th: 17th Street BBQ/Apple City BBQ


RIBS - See Full Results

  • 1st: Nutt's N Butts
  • 2nd: Rub Me Tender
  • 3rd: Bluff City Smokers
  • 4th: Bacon Care of Business
  • 5th: Love Meat Tender
  • 6th: Born in the Que S A
  • 7th: Traeger
  • 8th: Full Moon Smokers
  • 9th: Auto Be Grillin'
  • 10th: Smoked N Spiced


PATIO PORKERS - See Full Results

  • 1st: Southern Smoke
  • 2nd: BamBQ
  • 3rd: Deez Butts
  • 4th: Backyard Southern Style


  • 1st: Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q
  • 2nd: The Shed BBQ
  • 3rd: Swine & Dine
  • 4th: Shine & Swine


GREEN GRILLING AWARD – Awarded to the team that collected the most recyclables

  • Designated Smoking Area



BEEF - See Full Results

  • 1st - Salty Rinse BBQ
  • 2nd - Big Bubba's Bar-B-Q-N Crew
  • 3rd - Swinos


POULTRY - See Full Results

  • 1st - Smokin with an Attitude
  • 2nd - M&W Smokers
  • 3rd - BAMBQ


SEAFOOD - See Full Results

  • 1st - Ribdiculous Bar-B-Krewe
  • 2nd - Memphis Barbecue Supply
  • 3rd - Mississippi Meat Mafia


EXOTIC - See Full Results

  • 1st - Porkin' in the Park
  • 2nd - CG's Backyard BBQ
  • 3rd - UBONS



  • 1st - Fat Side Up
  • 2nd - Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Que
  • 3rd - Rubbin' the Money Muscle BBQ



  • 1st - Grilla Grills
  • 2nd - Smoking Jokers Australia
  • 3rd - Porkville Justice League


TOMATO SAUCE - See Full Results

  • 1st - Ribdiculous Bar-B-Krewe

  • 2nd - Meat Mitch

  • 3rd - Porkin' in the Park

MUSTARD SAUCE - See Full Results

  • 1st - Burnt Finger BBQ

  • 2nd - Memphis Barbecue Supply

  • 3rd - Pure Pleasure Porkers


VINEGAR SAUCE - See Full Results

  • 1st - Woods Custom Cookers

  • 2nd - Natural Born Grillers

  • 3rd - Memphis Barbecue Supply


BEST BOOTH - See Full Results

  • 1st: Swine & Dine
  • 2nd: All Star Ten Pin Porkers
  • 3rd: Pork Illustrated

BEST T-SHIRT - See Full Results

  • 1st: Aporkalypse Now
  • 2nd: Porkosaurus
  • 3rd: Pork & Bean Counters

MS. PIGGIE IDOL - See Full Results

  • 1st: Swinos
  • 2nd: Chi-Town Cookers
  • 3rd: Pigs Gone Wild


Heath Riles BBQ

Memphis Flavor is happy to carry the new line of products from Heath Riles BBQ. Heath Riles has established himself as an industry leading expert in both competition barbeque and competition grilling.  Not simply a pitmaster in his own right, Heath is also the creator of an award winning line of barbeque rubs, sauces, marinades and injections. Heath is a many time winner of Memphis BBQ Network Team of the Year as well as over 50 grand championships. Try his rubs and sauces at your next party or BBQ contest. The secret combination of ingredients captures the true taste Memphis style championship BBQ with the perfect balance of sweet and heat. Click HERE to see if we can send you some of his Memphis Flavor!

Grohl Judges Our Q

Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters/Nirvana was a judge at the Memphis in May World Championship BBQ Contest. Here is a great article about his weekend.

For a complete rundown of all the winners visit HERE

March Hot Sauce Madness

Memphis Hot Ghost Pepper sauce dancin' in March

Porkosaurus BBQ

Porkosaurus, World Championship BBQ team, is Memphis Flavor’s newest addition to the BBQ family. The team has been together for 20 years and what they started as a hobby, became a business due to the high demand of their recipes.

Their original award-winning Porkosaurus BBQ Sauce is a hit and will be sure to make your mouth water.. Their sauce is great on ribs, butt, poultry, sausage and grilled vegetables. Pair it with their BBQ Rub and you are set!


Vergos' Select

NEW!  "Charlie's Select" Sauce takes the famous mild sauce and sweetens it up a bit.

This sauce goes great with ribs, pork shoulder, chicken, baked potatoes, french fries, hamburgers, etc.  Use it in place of salsa or ketchup on just about anything!  This sauce contains no high fructose corn syrup and no artificial food coloring.  This sauce is also gluten-free. Click HERE to pick some up!




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