Makeda's Cookies

Makeda’s Cookies was established in 1999 and built on the premise of “butterific love." The recipe is a family treasure that has been passed down and perfected by three generations. The company started as a side business which eventually led to them requiring a larger space where they could amp up production, thus forming Makeda’s Cookies.

   Makeda Denise Hill was born October 11, 1990, daughter of Morris and Willie Mae Hill. She departed this life on July 18, 1997 after losing her battle with Leukemia. Makeda's Homemade Butter Cookies are named in her honor to keep her memory alive. In the Holy Bible Makeda was the Queen of Sheba. In Memphis, Tennessee Makeda is the Queen of Cookies.

   The essence of the company is simple, while it is cookies that are the key component of the business, it is actually smiles that the employees are after. In fact, the aroma traveling from the ovens is enough to conjure a big grin on anyone's face. It is intoxicating and heavenly.

   The first version of the butter cookie recipe was inspired by the delicious cookies that were served in Memphis City Schools years ago.

   In 2015, Makeda’s Cookies opened its second brick and mortar store on Butler Avenue just across from The Civil Rights Museum, a prime Memphis location. This spot gives them enough space to host birthday parties and pop-up shops. Local kids can also sell homemade items and have a fun way to learn business skills. Future plans are in the works for hosting live music at the large downtown location. 

   Each batch of cookies are made fresh and cookies are easy to find as they are sold in local Kroger, CashSaver and Superlo locations. Each bags contain 18 perfectly baked butter cookies. The Makeda's menu is below. Click HERE to have a few bags shipped to your door!

by Amanda Smith

Happy Holidays!

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Memphis Hot

We are excited about our new line of hot sauces called "Memphis Hot." Memphis Hot comes in four flavors: 2 Pepper, Garlic Habanero, Jalapeño, and Ghost Pepper. These all natural sauces are a great match for Southern cuisine like black eyed peas, cornbread, catfish, and beans. This will also zap most any burrito, quesadilla, or enchilada. Your chilli might NEED Memphis Hot. The best food to use Memphis Hot on is the food you haven't thought of yet. So, whether you need some additions to your bloody mary tailgate kit or your breakfast table, let Memphis Hot spice it up. You can check them out


Memphis Flavor on The Examiner

Memphis Flavor is excited to get a shout out in a recent article with The Examiner. Please read the full article HERE. Also, receiving rave reviews are the Killer Hogs, Felecia Suzanne, Central BBQ, The Rendezvous, and many other Memphis favorites.

Partner Spotlight - Killer Hogs BBQ

Malcom Reed, his brother Waylon, and wife Rachelle, also known as The Killer Hogs competitive BBQ team, have acquired quite the BBQ cult following since winning their first patio division contest in 2001. Their secret to success has been cooking great BBQ and documenting their processes, showing all their tricks and tips through their YouTube video series, 'How to BBQ Right.'

In this day and age, most secret recipes have been exposed thanks to the world wide web. It wasn't that long ago that when you asked a Pit Master about their special sauce, rub, seasoning, or techniques, you would rarely get an answer outside of, "I could tell you, but I'd have to kill you." With today's technology and information about everything so readily available, there are no secrets. Especially when it comes to what the Killer Hogs are grilling! They have made and posted over 280 videos that have totaled over 9 million views, by showing you every step of the way exactly what they're doing so you can replicate it at home. You read that right, 9 million! This has made Malcom, the star of most of the videos, a true BBQ internet sensation.

The Killer Hogs also practice what they preach. The crazy street cred The Killer Hogs have stacked up is also due to the contests, trophies, and awards they have won. Out of the 20-30 contests they cook annually, it's rare they don't get called to the stage at least once. They've won 100's of trophies and prizes over the last 15 years. Most recently, they took 1st place in the Memphis in May International BBQ Contest in the vinegar sauce division. There were over 450 teams competing.

Another way Malcom and Waylon share their knowledge and wisdom is by teaching a competitive 'Que class a couple times a year with fellow competitor and 3 time world champion from Sweet Swine O' Mine, Mark Lambert. The class is a 2 day event called where anyone who wishes to pick up the tricks of the trade and get ready for serious BBQ competition can do so. Participants will learn everything they need to know about prepping, cooking, and presenting to the judges. Once you complete this class, you'll be ready to run with the big dogs. Their next class will be July 29 & 30 at Central BBQ Downtown.  

 If you see Malcom out doing his thing on the BBQ circuit, he's always more than happy to chat you up and talk 'Que. That's what he does. He's figured out how to do what he loves for a living. Memphis Flavor offers his tried and true recipes for The BBQ Sauce and The BBQ Rub, simple in name but not in taste. These two products will kick up any cook off. Also try their Steak and Chop seasoning that has been dialed in specifically for open flame grilling and the A.P. Rub (all purpose) that goes great with EVERYTHING. Once you use these guys sauces and seasoning, you may not want to use anything else.

Check out our Killer Hogs gift boxe and other products HERE.

Photo Credits - The Killer Hogs

BBQ Fest Spotlight - Will Be Que

Will Be Que is a quaint group of family and friends turned MBN cooking team and has achieved serious results since their inception in 2009. Pit Master Craig Wilkerson brought along the lessons he's learned as a competitive team member on the Natural Born Grillers since 1992. He was their head hog cook for 4 years. He has been a part of 36 Grand Champions and they were recognized as Team of the Year in all 3 categories for 3 straight years.

Craig decided to make it a family affair and cooked in a few contests here and there with his wife Traci and their two children in the early days of Will Be Que. His sons have been exposed to the BBQ culture their whole lives. This was a great way to get friends and family together on the weekends for some quality time They now have 10 consistent team members and have really started picking up steam. They have placed top 3 in 27 of the last 39 contests they've entered. Craig has 25 of the team's 60 years combined cooking experience giving him the opportunity to spread his BBQ knowledge to a new generation of Pit Masters. Craig is so dedicated that when he recently broke his leg during a contest on a Friday, he was back in the booth on Saturday to deal with the judges. That's pretty hard core.

Will Be Que looks forward to more competitions in their favorite category, whole hog. As long as they're having fun, they have no intentions of slowing down. BBQ really should be about friends and family having a good time. They want to add to their current line of BBQ spices with some more retail products. They'll be down on the river this week doing it up in the whole hog division. Stop by and say hello.

Check out Will Be Que Original Rub and Honey Chipotle Rub HERE at 


BBQ Fest Partner Spotlight - Victory Lane BBQ

Pit master Heath Riles has been competing in BBQ cook-offs for nearly 20 years. This was something he would do on weekends when he had time off from work. As time went by and his BBQ chops improved, he decided to ditch his day job as a beer rep and go all in on his hobby and passion. In 2013 he made the leap to professional pit master and BBQ guru.

He has honed his skills by cooking in more than 30 competitions a year. Nearly every contest he enters, he walks away with at least one trophy. It's not uncommon that he claims the Grand Champion tag, racking up more than 40 for his career. That's top honors for the weekend, requiring high scores in multiple categories. With such a busy schedule, he gives big props to his wife Candace for being super supportive.

Pork, beef, or chicken, no sweat. When Heath spices things up with his sauces, seasonings, and rubs that he has spent years developing, things always turn out amazing. He says that shoulders are his specialty, especially when he breaks out his Sweet Rub and Sweet Sauce.  He has dialed in more than 20 custom blends of BBQ products.  Heath also has many recipes in the works that aren't quite where he thinks they should be, including an all purpose rub and a new glaze. There is plenty more BBQ knowledge to come from this guy for sure.

Victory Lane was named 2015 Team of the year by the Memphis BBQ Network at their annual 'Que Ball. Check them out in the shoulder division this week in the Memphis in May International BBQ Competition.

Click HERE for the Victory Lane products available from Memphis Flavor.





BBQ Fest Partner Spotlight - Central BBQ

Central BBQ started their rapid rise to BBQ stardom in 2002 when they opened their original location in the heart of Midtown Memphis. Heavily seasoned ribs and pork along with unique menu offerings like smoked hot wings and nachos are a few of the reasons why Central BBQ is now known all across the country as the go to spot for BBQ when visiting Memphis. They also offer five BBQ sauce options, so everyone is sure to find something that suits their tastes. Mixing and matching the meats, sauces, and seasonings provide for almost endless possibilities.

The Memphis In May Championship BBQ Contest holds a special place in the history of Central BBQ. Roger Sapp and Craig Blondis, owners of Central BBQ, have experience competing in the contest on the River. After years of Roger's friends nudging him to open his own restaurant, he and Craig partnered up, and Central BBQ was born. They have been offering up competition style BBQ to the public ever since. Guests are often surprised by Craig chatting them up a table or behind the bar and offering up samples of his favorite items. This typically includes fresh cooked pork rinds, smoked wings, ribs, beef brisket and tastings of the new beers they have on tap.

Their business has grown quite a bit in a short amount of time. They now have three locations, ship their BBQ all across the country, and are capable of catering massive events for thousands of people. 

Be on the lookout for the Central Smokers in the rib division if you make it to BBQ Fest this week. They're always willing to talk 'Que , Tigers Sports, or anything Memphis while taking in the awesome view of the Mississippi River.  View our entire line of products from Central BBQ HERE


New Rubs From Victory Lane

Memphis Flavor is happy to offer two more great items from Victory Lane BBQ.  The Butter Bath is quickly becoming their most popular product. Just mix with 3-4 cups of juice or water and use on meats, especially ribs and pork during the tendering process and booyah! Also, check out the Sassy Apple BBQ Rub, a secret blend of spices with natural apple flavor that explodes in your mouth! Excellent on all types of meat. Guaranteed to wake up your taste buds. Let Memphis Flavor bring these Spring flavors to your grills and smokers.

Money Magzine Features Real Memphis BBQ Joints

Money Magazine came to Memphis to check out the BBQ Shop and Central BBQ, two favorites for most Memphians. Enjoy the video. 


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