Memphis In May BBQ Contest Week


This year marks the 40th anniversary of the epic celebration for the love of all things barbeque. What could be better? Great people, great brews, great weather (fingers crossed) and delicious Southern food on the mighty Mississippi.

As most of you know, Memphis in May’s World Championship Barbeque Contest hosts hundreds of teams from all over the country and around the world, but nothing beats local, Memphis flavor. Many of our vendors will be competing but if you can’t make it to the river this year, don’t worry! Memphis Flavor is here to help, you can order plenty of delicious local flavors here and have them shipped right to your door.

Here is a look at our partners and some of the greatest BBQ producers around.

Central BBQ
“They Smoke the Good Stuff.”

Central BBQ opened on Central Avenue in 2002. This makes it relatively new compared to some of the other legendary que joints around Memphis but in a short amount of time Central BBQ has made a lasting effect on the city and has become a local favorite. Roger Sapp and Craig Blondis, owners of Central BBQ, have experience competing in the contest on the River. Check out Central Smokers if you are at BBQ Fest this week.

Central BBQ has three locations in Memphis and has recently partnered with Kemmons Wilson Companies to expand into neighboring cities and aims to eventually become a national brand. They have been featured in many national TV shows and publications and continue to receive raving reviews . Check out a Central BBQ Memphis gift box if you want a taste. Also, their Jerk seasoning is out of this world.

Charles Vergos’ Rendezvous

“A Memphis Tradition Since 1948”

Rendezvous has been a part of Memphis for over 60 years! Located in the heart of downtown, they are a true city landmark. They have grown with the city, and their dry rub ribs are a Memphis staple. Most of the staff members have been with the company for over 30 years and have become experts in the barbeque business. You can find their world-famous rubs and sauces here.

Germantown Commissary

“So Good Y’ull Slap Yo Mama”


For those of you not from the south (bless your heart), a commissary is just another word for a country store. Germantown Commissary was a country store for over 90 years and sold everything from blue jeans to bologna. It was then purchased by Walker Taylor in 1981 and transformed it into a hub for some of the best BBQ around. The rest is history. The smells wafting from the cozy building are glorious. Check out the deliciousness here.


Killer Hogs “Competition BBQ”

Malcom and Waylon Reed have been competing in BBQ competitions for 13 years. The brothers know what’s up when it comes to barbeque. Malcom Reed hosts an epic Youtube channel containing plenty of knowledgeable BBQ tutorials with over 100K subscribers. Killer Hogs’ barbeque has won dozen of awards, including 2016 Memphis In May 1st Place Vinegar Sauce. Check them out down by the river at this year’s BBQ Fest. You can also try their rubs here.


Victory Lane BBQ

After transforming an old race car into a grill in 2008, Doug Golden and Erik Garner combined their passion for BBQ and southern hospitality to form Victory Lane BBQ. Pitmaster Heath Riles later joined the team and has since won many awards and gained national attention. They will be competing in this year’s BBQ Fest and they offer some unique championship rib rubs including Cherry Bomb, Sweet Peach, and Sassy Apple.


Willingham’s BBQ

“World Champion BBQ Sauces and Rubs”

John Willingham was a highly innovative man and a true legend. He patented many of his ideas and his delicious BBQ recipe just happened to be one of them. He was inducted into the American Royal’s Hall of Fame which is barbeque’s highest honor. Hat’s off to Mr. John. View his products here.

Best of luck to our BBQ Fest Partners!

Happy Porking to all y’all,

Memphis Flavor

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