BBQ Fest Spotlight - Will Be Que

Will Be Que is a quaint group of family and friends turned MBN cooking team and has achieved serious results since their inception in 2009. Pit Master Craig Wilkerson brought along the lessons he's learned as a competitive team member on the Natural Born Grillers since 1992. He was their head hog cook for 4 years. He has been a part of 36 Grand Champions and they were recognized as Team of the Year in all 3 categories for 3 straight years.

Craig decided to make it a family affair and cooked in a few contests here and there with his wife Traci and their two children in the early days of Will Be Que. His sons have been exposed to the BBQ culture their whole lives. This was a great way to get friends and family together on the weekends for some quality time They now have 10 consistent team members and have really started picking up steam. They have placed top 3 in 27 of the last 39 contests they've entered. Craig has 25 of the team's 60 years combined cooking experience giving him the opportunity to spread his BBQ knowledge to a new generation of Pit Masters. Craig is so dedicated that when he recently broke his leg during a contest on a Friday, he was back in the booth on Saturday to deal with the judges. That's pretty hard core.

Will Be Que looks forward to more competitions in their favorite category, whole hog. As long as they're having fun, they have no intentions of slowing down. BBQ really should be about friends and family having a good time. They want to add to their current line of BBQ spices with some more retail products. They'll be down on the river this week doing it up in the whole hog division. Stop by and say hello.

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