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Malcom Reed, his brother Waylon, and wife Rachelle, also known as The Killer Hogs competitive BBQ team, have acquired quite the BBQ cult following since winning their first patio division contest in 2001. Their secret to success has been cooking great BBQ and documenting their processes, showing all their tricks and tips through their YouTube video series, 'How to BBQ Right.'

In this day and age, most secret recipes have been exposed thanks to the world wide web. It wasn't that long ago that when you asked a Pit Master about their special sauce, rub, seasoning, or techniques, you would rarely get an answer outside of, "I could tell you, but I'd have to kill you." With today's technology and information about everything so readily available, there are no secrets. Especially when it comes to what the Killer Hogs are grilling! They have made and posted over 280 videos that have totaled over 9 million views, by showing you every step of the way exactly what they're doing so you can replicate it at home. You read that right, 9 million! This has made Malcom, the star of most of the videos, a true BBQ internet sensation.

The Killer Hogs also practice what they preach. The crazy street cred The Killer Hogs have stacked up is also due to the contests, trophies, and awards they have won. Out of the 20-30 contests they cook annually, it's rare they don't get called to the stage at least once. They've won 100's of trophies and prizes over the last 15 years. Most recently, they took 1st place in the Memphis in May International BBQ Contest in the vinegar sauce division. There were over 450 teams competing.

Another way Malcom and Waylon share their knowledge and wisdom is by teaching a competitive 'Que class a couple times a year with fellow competitor and 3 time world champion from Sweet Swine O' Mine, Mark Lambert. The class is a 2 day event called where anyone who wishes to pick up the tricks of the trade and get ready for serious BBQ competition can do so. Participants will learn everything they need to know about prepping, cooking, and presenting to the judges. Once you complete this class, you'll be ready to run with the big dogs. Their next class will be July 29 & 30 at Central BBQ Downtown.  

 If you see Malcom out doing his thing on the BBQ circuit, he's always more than happy to chat you up and talk 'Que. That's what he does. He's figured out how to do what he loves for a living. Memphis Flavor offers his tried and true recipes for The BBQ Sauce and The BBQ Rub, simple in name but not in taste. These two products will kick up any cook off. Also try their Steak and Chop seasoning that has been dialed in specifically for open flame grilling and the A.P. Rub (all purpose) that goes great with EVERYTHING. Once you use these guys sauces and seasoning, you may not want to use anything else.

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Photo Credits - The Killer Hogs

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